What our clients are saying about the Clark Team!


"We were impressed with your wide range of contacts and pleasantly surprised by the many visits from both in-state and out-of-state buyers who visited our home even before the sign went up."
- Dr. William Richards, U of U Law Professor


"On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service you have rendered during our relocation. We had no expectations that any listing agent would spend the time and energy the way you did."
- Dr. Nagar S. Vishwanath, Sandy, Utah


"We appreciate the complete professionalism you demonstrated throughout the listing and sale of our house and especially the way you made every effort possible to protect our interests at all times, as well as get us the best, top price! thanks for all your efforts!"
- Joel Jolley, founder of Jolley Drug


"They doubled the number of open houses held and dramatically increased the size, frequency, interest and appeal of the newspaper ads. they were far more professional than we had previously experienced and were truly committed to selling our home."
- Bill Palmer, a top executive


"Spence and Jill Clark are not your typical realtors who are just concerned with getting a commission. They are both very professional and always do everything they can to get you the best results. They really care about you!"
- Gary Buehner, business owner and investor


"I know 4 or 5 realtors in my area, and in my opinion you are the best realtors in Salt Lake. you were terrific to work with and I would gladly give you a recommendation to anyone for your services."
- Relda Nielson, luxury home owner


Lois Moncrief

4517 s. Bruce St.

Salt Lake City, Ut

Dear Spence and Jill,


We would like to thank you very much for selling our house for us. We appreciate your attentiveness to our sale - the weekly open houses, the weekly advertising, the great spotlight and internet listing info, being present at the inspection, your willingness to be present at the appraisal, and your being right by our side for the closing.  Your experience and skills showed at every step of the way and we had full confidence that we had the best agents available.


You knew we wanted top dollar for our house and you delivered!  You got us 97% (after a concession for the old roof) of our asking price even though our asking price was the highest in the area.  The house sold in a relatively short time considering the market was slowing down at the time we were selling.  you truly are Salt Lakes best home selling experts.


We appreciate very much you keeping us well informed during the process and the very professional demeanor you both have.  We found both of you very easy to work with.  you started out as our real estate agents but you seem more like our friends now.  We wish all of our business dealings in our lives had gone as smoothly and as well as working with both of you on selling our house.


We wish you continued great success!


Best Regards,

Lois Moncrief



Richard and Ann Perez
4300 s. Brockbank Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124


Dear Spence and Jill:

We wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the way you handled the sale of our home in Olympus Cove.  we chose you as our realtor because of your fine reputation for service and your expertise in the cove, and we can say without hesitation that we were very satisfied with our choice.

We were appreciative of the staging advice you gave prior to placing our home on the market, as well as for the excellent counsel relative to the proper price to ask for the home.  The fact that we received exactly what you advised us to ask is proof of the accuracy of your knowledge of the market value of homes.

Your marketing strategy was effective and well done.  Open-house ads in the newspaper, the professionally done website listing, contacts with other realtors using the mls, right down to the well-placed for sale signs on our property all worked together to bring our property to the attention of the public.

although we have been through this process several times in the past, your expertise was invaluable.  Having worked with you, we would never try to sell a home without the help of a qualified and experienced realtor.  We would recommend your services to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home.

Thanks again for helping us to make the sale of our home a successful experience.

Yours truly,

Richard and Ann Perez 



Tom and Jennifer Roberts

42 Wanderwood Way

Sandy Utah


To our Pepperwood neighbors:


          We have worked with many real estate professionals all over the country, and I would have to say that Jill and Spence Clark marketed our home more aggressively than anyone we have seen or worked with.  They worked very hard on getting as many qualified buyers to see our home as possible, and we had 5 offers in about 6 weeks and sold our home for a great price.  We were especially pleased because we saw so many homes priced similar to ours that sat for months or even a year.  Jill and Spence know what they are doing and were willing to spend money to advertise our home, hold open houses every week, and followed up flawlessly with everyone who expressed interest.  We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our friends in Pepperwood or elsewhere.




Tom & Jennifer Roberts



Record Setting Sale!

Wow! Clark's got us $200,000 more for our house!

 Karl M. Devenport, MD



Dear fellow for sale by owners:

 We have a worthwhile message for you!  We also tried to sell our home on our own.  We were attempting to save valuable commission dollars, plus get as high a price as we could for our home, which we believe is quite common.  Many people sell their homes for less than they are worth, or they try to market them too high simply because they don't know the market! 

Here are some of the problems that we encountered while trying to sell our home.  First, we owned an expensive luxury home, and when we would run an ad in the newspaper and hold an open house, no one would come.  After analyzing the market, we realized that most busy professional people like ourselves use an agent, because they don't have time to scour the market for the best homes and deals available.  Secondly, the few people that we did get were only interested in purchasing our home for a bargain price, which was completely contrary to our objectives.  We needed top dollar!  after several months of dealing with bargain hunters and people who had no appreciation for the wonderful home and property we had built, we concluded that the "for sale by owner" marketing wasn´t working.  Obviously, most people use an agent, and we didn´t have the time or money to perform broad marketing, so we decided we needed a marketing professional to sell our home. 

 We desired someone who would take an interest in us, as well as give us the most extensive marketing possible.  In addition, we needed someone who had the vision, marketing skills, and courage to obtain top dollar for our home.  We found that many agents want to price homes moderately so they will sell faster, since that is how they earn commission.  Then they don´t have to spend time and money to market listings. 

 We looked around for an agent who would fit our prescription, and after talking with a friend, we learned about a group who was not afraid to spend time and money marketing or to go for top dollar.  this group was the Clark Team.  They have the dedication, drive, determination, skill, and experience to market homes successfully for top dollar against all of the odds. 

 After launching into marketing our home, we found that some agents and buyers felt that it was worth around $690,000, which was $200,000 less than what we thought could be justified on the top end of the possibility range.  We realized we needed an agent who would see the value that we saw, who also had the skill and expertise to show two appraisers and others that our home was worth as much as we believed it was. 

 This is exactly what the Clark Team was able to do!  they not only agreed to take our listing at our visionary price of $890,000, but they also went to work selling our house for that price.  They marketed our property broadly with extensive coverage in their elegant homes section, guide to homes magazine, and on their tv program.  They also canvassed the area around our home for prospects, and found a buyer interested in our home.  Spence & Jill were able to convince this buyer that our home was worth considerably more than other buyers had believed, and we received our full asking price of $890,000.  (we also offered the buyer a discount for paying all cash, which he agreed to.  so, we accepted a cash sale for a top dollar price!)  my wife and everyone in the area were amazed.  Our dreams had come true!  The Clark Team was able to deliver what might be deemed "the impossible!" 

Spence & Jill Clark have become great friends as well as business associates through the process of selling our home.  we will always be grateful to them for what they have done for us in selling our home so quickly and for such a handsome price! 

 yours truly,


 Karl m. Devenport, M.D.




Drs. William and Ann Richards

Dear Spence and Jill,

Ann and I wanted to thank you for your outstanding work in helping us purchase our new home and selling our old home. We had been thinking about moving for several years but could never overcome basic inertia, and the fear of dealing with potential buyers, sellers, and other real estate agents. We obviously didn´t know there were agents like the two of you who could make the process stress-free.

First, we appreciated the time you took with us before we ever actually decided to sell our home. You performed a market analysis of our home and educated us about the process; you made us feel much more comfortable about deciding to move. Your suggestions on preparing our house for market were also extremely helpful, and ensured that we received the highest return for our dollar. In addition, your extensive knowledge of the Salt Lake real estate market made it easy for us to determine how to price our own home and what to offer on homes we were considering purchasing.

Second, we were amazed by the efforts you put into marketing our home. we were excited to see the quality of your presentation of our home on the mls computer service and the professional brochures you offered potential buyers. We were also impressed with your wide range of contacts. We were pleasantly surprised by the many visits from both in-state and out-of-state buyers who visited our home even before we had put up the "for sale" sign. finally, we were ecstatic when you showed up at our door with three competing offers within a week of listing our home,  several at list and one with no contingencies. Finally, you worked with the buyer of our home and the seller of our new home to ensure that we would have simultaneous closings. when we walked out of the closing we said to each other, "We didn´t think it was supposed to be this easy."

Third, and most importantly, you helped us throughout the entire process. You returned our calls promptly and answered our many questions. You arranged for electricians, painters, movers, and inspectors who provided professional and reasonably priced services, and you obtained their services at a moment´s notice something we would never have been able to do.

As we sit enjoying our new home, we often joke with each other about why we didn´t move sooner.  When we get our next bug to move, we won´t hesitate. you can expect our call.


Bill and Ann Richards




Dr. & Mrs. David Roberts
regarding the sale of their home at
4561 South Jupiter Drive in Mount Olympus

Dear Spence & Jill:

David and I want to tell you how much we appreciate your excellent work as our listing agents when we sold our house.  Your years of experience and professionalism got the job done.  We know that the combination of thorough research of the right comps for our house, your marketing plan, and your diligence in showing our property made a huge difference.  Because of your accurate assessment of property values in our neighborhood and surrounding areas, you were able to get top dollar for our property and in what we consider record time and getting almost 96% of our asking price was a plus!

We also appreciate the hard work of your entire team.  Your advertising and networking with a large number of other Realtors throughout the city got exposure for our home and expedited a quick sale.

It's a pleasure to do business with people like you and Jill.  we enjoyed getting to know you and can't say enough good things about you personally and professionally.

We hope you enjoy this holiday season.  please stay in touch with us and let us know if we can help you spread the word about the "Clark
Team."  You're the best!


 Dr. David & Patricia Roberts




Gary Buehner
Business Owner & Real Estate Investor
If you want the best price & quickest sale for your home, you must read this letter!

Dear neighbors:

I'm usually not one to recommend the services of a professional, but in this case I'm very appreciative and thankful that I've gotten such "outstanding service" and "great results" buying and selling homes that I wanted to share a great thing with my friends and neighbors.

Spence and Jill Clark are not your typical realtors who are just concerned with getting a commission. they are both very professional and always do everything they can to get you the best results. they do their homework and are prepared to help you every step of the way, whether you are buying or selling. They really care about you!

The Clark's are extremely knowledgeable at staging and preparing a home for sale - they're experts! They know what colors, paints, carpets, etc. to use and other updates that will give you the biggest "bang for your buck" and get you the most money on your home sale.

I have bought and sold seven or eight homes with the Clark's over the past few years so I've had a chance to evaluate their performance time and time again over 10 years. The Clark's have been very successful at getting me homes regularly for turn-around at $50,000-$100,000 below the regular market price. as a buyer,  I can see and appreciate how the Clark's expertise and experience saves me money time after time, consistently.

The same thing when I am selling - the Clark's don't just put my homes on the mls and forget about them and let the mls agents sell them. The Clark's have an extremely thorough and extensive marketing program which gives you the "broadest possible marketing" to get you the best price for your home and they give all of their clients top-notch service as well.

The Clark's use tremendously effective newspaper ads that draw lots of buyers every week and they hold your house open every week so that all of those buyers can get in to see the house. I know that they are "highly dedicated" to doing the very best job possible for you, which is unusual in this day and age of easy money. Their web site is the biggest in Utah with over a huge amount hits per month and they do five times more marketing than other realtors. 

If you want to save money and get the best realtor services possible, give Spence or Jill Clark a call. I know they'll do a great job for you just as they have for me.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Buehner



To fellow Pepperwood residents:

 I am happy to recommend Spence and Jill Clark and their real estate team.  We listed our home with them a few years ago, during the "slow market", and the Clark's were able to sell it quickly, leaving us just one week in which to find a home and put it under contract.  Jill tirelessly helped me look at dozens of homes during that next week and we finally found our home in Pepperwood.  Throughout the process both Spence and Jill were mindful of our timetable and very professional in ensuring that both the sale of our home and the purchase of the new Pepperwood home went smoothly.  Despite a last-minute blizzard the move was completed without incident, and we've loved living here. 

My late husband and I owned eleven different homes over the course of our marriage, and worked with many different real estate agents in and outside of Utah.  Working with the Clark's was easy and painless, two words not usually associated with the process! 

 Thank you Spence and Jill!

Sidney Mcgee


When one of Salt Lake's (the nation's) biggest home builders picks a top agent(s) in Salt Lake to help them sell their home and buy a new one...
who do you think they would pick?

     Mike Mcgee (Sidney's late husband) was formerly the head man at Kaufman & Broad (formerly the biggest builder in the state) here in Salt Lake City and headed up home building for them in various cities in California throughout his career. Later in Salt Lake City, Mike took over the Utah division of Pulte homes, another top quality builder, for several years before he passed away - a victim of cancer.
     During Mike's career, he was known as an executive who demanded nothing but the best from himself and his building and sales teams. As such, Kaufman & Broad and later Pulte employed 20-30-40 real estate sales agents and Mike worked with many of the sales agents in the valley. So, when he and Sidney, his wife wanted to sell their home and buy a new home, who do you think he would pick? The Clark's!



Another "Super Quick" sale by the Clark Team 

Home sells in five days in Pepperwood Top FBI agent picks Clarks to sell his home!


          Most FBI agents do a lot of investigation and a thorough analysis and homework to find the best way to do things.  This was certainly the case recently when regional special agent Mark Van Steenburg, and his wife, Sugi, went to sell their beautiful luxury home here in Salt Lake City.  He basically wanted the same thing that everyone else wants when they sell their home"  Top price and a quick sale!" 

            Mark had met with a number of different real estate agents in his area over the past four years and had been tracking their performance on area listings, sale times and prices.  He found that most agents in his area were taking 6, 9, or up to 12 months or more to sell a home.  He didn't have that much time.  Mark investigated to see who was active in the area and who gave the best service and had the best performance in terms of speed of sale. The results of this investigation, of course, was the Spence & Jill Clark team do, in fact, give the best service and have the best sale times. 

            Upon relocation, Mark listed his home with the Clarks.  he hoped that the Clarks would be able to sell his home in 60-120 days.  So what happened? The Clarks sold his home in only two days!  This was a "Luxury Home" priced at the top of the market in Pepperwood, which isn't the fastest selling area in the Salt Lake area.  It is common for homes here to be on the market for one to three years before selling. 

          This home was sold quickly by the Clark Team's "Excellent advertising on the Internet" with multiple color pictures, coupled with an open house.


The result:

A quick sale for the seller at a top price with minimal hassle, not weeks and months of cleaning and preparing the house to show, which is a "real drag!"  This house was sold to a "Clark buyer" and closed quickly for cash in only two weeks.  

Again, the Clark Team's 45 years of combined experience, expertise and skill

pays off for the client! 

Clients just love what the Clark's do for them in selling or buying real estate!


Referral letter from Gary & Barbara Logsdon

for the sale of

#9 Gatehouse, Sandy, Utah.


To whom it may concern:

We are writing this letter of recommendation for Spence and Jill Clark because of the excellent job they did in marketing and selling our house. initially, we had the house listed with another agent for six months during the most favorable time of the year - May thru October. we had very little traffic and no serious prospects.

 We changed to Spence and Jill in November. we saw such a difference with the service Spence and Jill provided:


<                      There was a strong effort on marketing the house - not just listing it on the MLS and hoping someone comes to see it.


<                      The house was advertised every week in the luxury section of the newspaper.


<                      Additional signs were put up so potential buyers and agents could find the house.


<                      Several realtor bus tours went through the house.


<                      Spence held open houses regularly on weekends.


<                      Even though it was winter and near Christmas, traffic increased significantly.


<                      High quality, colored brochures were available to visitors.


<                      Spence and his staff followed up with the agents who visited the house.


Thanks to these and other efforts by the Clark's we accepted an offer on the house in March. Even then Spence continued to work to be sure the house closed in a timely manner. He even came by the day the inspector came to examine the house just to help look out for our interests.

 Spence and Jill, as well as their whole team, far exceeded our expectations! We have sold eight houses and this team is by far the most proactive, professional and results-oriented realtors we have used.  I would strongly recommend them to market and sell your house.




Gary and Barbara Logsdon



 Bill and Kelly Palmer


Bill Palmer, a Top Executive, and Kelly, his wife, listed their home in sandy with a popular, well-know top listing agent and broker. their home was listed for 10 months and did not sell.

The Clark's sold this same house in just two months and this is what the Palmers had to say about the Clark's performance versus the other agent and how important agent selection is!

To whom it may concern:

I've learned that the selection of a real estate agent is a critical decision in selling a home. Many people like me turn to a friend or a neighbor, instead of interviewing several top producers and making an informed business decision.

My home was listed for 10 months with an agent who is certainly successful in obtaining a large number of listings, but who produced not a single offer and got very few potential buyers through the home. he was extremely slow to communicate a realistic and competitive price, and simply outline an aggressive strategy to sell our home.

Spence Clark doubled the number of open houses held, dramatically increased the size, frequency, interest and appeal of the newspaper ads. He brought a team of people who were far more professional than we had previously experienced, and who were truly committed to selling our home. Finally, he communicated with us regularly and was always available to visit with us. Not surprisingly, far more people (many times more) went through our home in the two months he had the listing than in the previous 10 months.

In summary, I found Spence Clark to be a top professional. Ii would, without question, recommend his services and select him again to produce high quality results. 


Bill & Kelly Palmer



Dr. Nagar Vishwanath
22 Wanderwood Way
Sandy, Utah 84092

Dear Jill and Spence,

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service you have rendered to us during our relocation to New Jersey. when we listed our home with you, we had no expectations that any listing agent would spend the time and energy the way you did. In particular, marketing homes in Pepperwood requires a classy approach and the thorough manner in which you handled this should be an example to other real estate agents.

Since I was hardly in town during the past six months, it was very important that the agents responsible for marketing our home be sensitive to the needs of my family.  Viji and the children will forever be grateful for your service in this matter.

Finally, the responsiveness of your staff was very impressive and I would like to extend our thanks to them too.  Your entire team is a class act.

we wish you continued success.  We will talk about your exemplary performance and recommend you to all our friends in Utah.


Dr. Nagar S. Vishwanath




Becky Shepherd
Letter of reference regarding the sale of her big luxury home in Draper, Utah

 To whom it may concern:

            If you are reading this letter, you are probably in the process of making a decision about enlisting the services of a real estate professional to buy or sell a property.  I can tell you from first hand experience that Jill and Spence Clark are the best in the business and I have no reservations in giving them the highest recommendation possible.

 I first listed my home for six months with another well-known agency. during that time, we saw very little traffic, virtually no marketing, and a complete lack of communication unless initiated by us.  At the end of that contract, we listed our home with Jill and Spence. The difference was dramatic. We immediately saw a tremendous increase in showings. They did what they said they would do; advertised weekly, held weekly open houses, provided quality brochures, requested feedback from every showing, arranged bus tours, and communicated on a very regular basis. I had several offers on the home and accepted one that met my terms.

 Jill also helped immensely on the search for and purchase of a brand new home. Her knowledge and experience saved several thousand dollars in the negotiation of "extras" that were included without additional charge.

 Jill and Spence are not only highly skilled professionals, knowledgeable, reliable, and honest, they are also an absolute pleasure to work with. they, along with their fantastic team, certainly exceeded our expectations and made our buying and selling experience a great one!


 Becky Shepherd




Douglas & Karen Stewart
12273 S. Doral Place
Draper, Utah 84020

Dear neighbors & friends,

As a former vice president & CFO of draper banks, (before it sold out to Zions) I would like to pass on a reference for Spence & Jill Clark. they have helped Karen & I find & purchase a home here in Salt Lake as well as sell the home several years later. I must say that their service was excellent in both transactions!

On buying, they searched diligently & exhaustively to find just the "right home" for us - a great newer home at a reasonable price!

On selling, for the 6-9 month average market time in the Draper area, they sold our home in only one week and had two offers close to my higher price schedule and $30,000-$50,000 above most of the comps in that area!

In my opinion, the Clark's are the top professional agents in this city by far!

Please don't hesitate to call me for further reference. 


Douglas A. Stewart




Letter of reference
to our Holladay Neighbors
how the Clark team got us $200,000 more on our home sale!

Doctors Wayne Border & Nancy Noble

Dear Neighbors:

 We recently had occasion to sell our home in the Mt. Olympus/Holladay area. We had owned our home for many years invested a great deal of money, time and effort into it.

 We wanted to find the best Realtors with a great deal of experience, skill, and expertise. we are used to hiring and dealing with only "Top Professionals" in our own fields of expertise, as well as in everything we do. Our search for an agent, although limited, came down to the Spence and Jill Clark Team because they are certainly best known in the Holladay area. The Clark Team sells a large percentage of the homes in the Holladay area every year.

 After interviewing the Clark´s we were satisfied that they had the required knowledge, experience and expertise to do a great job for us. Our objective was to get absolutely the best price or top dollar for our home. We knew that it could be problematic since there is such a wide variety of styles of home and prices in the area. We found that the average price in the cove was $94 per square foot in 2003 and that a great price for a remodeled and updated home like ours was $130 per square foot - that was pretty much the top end. Our home was 3,500 square feet so that put our house value at approximately $455,000. 

 The Clark´s know the Holladay area so well that they felt that we had a good chance of getting more money because of the unique custom style of the house, as well as the extensive remodeling and updating that we had done to the family room and kitchen. They counseled us on how to "stage and prepare" our home and property for maximum luxury curb appeal and convenience. We enclosed our carport on their recommendation to put our property in the top end class and luxury category.

 The Clark´s felt that we had a good chance of getting $600-650,000 for our property - $200,000 higher than the high end sold comparables in the area. So we said, "why not - let´s go for it!"  we put the home on the market and within just a couple of weeks the Clark´s had several buyers interested. We negotiated with two buyers and ended up selling our home for $620,000 - a great price, $180 per square foot. the highest sale price in the Cove last year!

We feel the Spence and Jill Clark Team certainly delivered on their promises to us. Furthermore, throughout the sale period they were accessible, reliable, candid, and kept us informed. We always felt that they were working for us and our best interests. In the future we would certainly choose them again to be our Realtors.


Dr. Wayne Border & Dr. Nancy Noble